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What to See

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    Basking shark feeding
   Basking shark feeding
The Summer Isles benefit from having both splendid scenery and from being remote. They are best explored by sea as you can explore the smaller isles and visit of some of the caves and the natural arch. There are great bird colonies which can be found on Priest Island and will come close to sea birds like gillemots, shags and puffins.

If you are lucky you might even get to see porpoises, basking sharks or even a whale.

The following is a list of some of the wildlife that has been seen while on the Summer Isles Cruise we cannot however guarantee you will see them all on your trip except for the ever popular seals which are always on show both in the water and usually sunbathing on the rocks....

Buzzard | Kestrel | Great Skua | Arctic Tern | Oystercatcher | Gannet | Fulmar | Curlew | Herring Gull | Great Black Gull | Kittiwake | Shag | Cormorant | Mallard Duck | Greylag Goose | Hooded Crow | Seals | Otter | Porpoise | Basking Shark| Minky Whale | Dolphin |

Atlantic Grey seal Spotted Dolphin Spotted Dolphin
Atlantic Grey seal   Spotted Dolphin   Otter  

Shag Greylag Goose Arctic Tern
Shag   Greylag Goose   Arctic Tern  

Summer Isles

    Summer Isles from Conival
   Summer Isles from Conival
The largest island in The Summer Isles (and the only populated one!) is called Tanera Mor.

Tanera Mor attracts many migrant birds that are frequently spotted during the cruise.

Priest Island

    Priest Island
   Priest Island & Ben More Coigach in background
According to the RSPB Priest Island has more than 1% of the world breeding population of storm petrels are found on Priest as well as large numbers of other breeding birds such as fulmars, razorbills and shags.

One of the founders of Scottish conservationn, Frank Frazer Darling, lived on the island for two years in the 1930s. His book, Island Years, records his time in the Summer Isles.

It is believed that the island was used by culdees for religious purposes, and has several stone circles.

Sea Angling

The numbers of species varies depending on the time of year however mackerel, skate, cod, pollack, coalfish, flounder & plaice are found in large quantities between the months of July and October.

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